Until the earth is free.
Until the earth is free.
Only a 15 years old Fangirl who loves Les Mis and some hot and dead french revolutionaries. They just burst in my life like the music of angel,the light of the sun.

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sings quietly its 4am and i cant sleep
long distance dumb boys


sings quietly its 4am and i cant sleep

long distance dumb boys

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G is for Gay for Enjolras

R is for Really gay for Enjolras

A is for Absolutely gay for Enjolras

N is for Not-at-all straight for Enjolras

T is for Totally in love with Enjolras

A is for Always being there for Enjolras

I is for Incredibly gay for Enjolras

R is for Romantically-involved with Enjolras

E is for E n j o l r a s

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oh, we couldn’t break the columns down,
we couldn’t destroy a single one.

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what she says: i'm fine

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SDD: Grantaire is a fan-favorite character (and admittedly, he is my favorite) and the extent of his relationship with Enjolras has always been ambiguous. Do you think there was more than friendship between the two of them? How did you approach their relationship during filming?

GB: Well, having read the book, there is obviously a lot of subtextual content about the dynamic between Enjolras and Grantaire….I remember thinking of talking to Aaron about the subject as we started filming, and as I was about to talk to him he was interrupted by someone else, and then suddenly I understood. That was the perfect example of what the dynamic between us should be. And I realised that actually NOT talking to Aaron about it at all was the perfect way to create that subtextual thing between Grantaire and Enjolras. And actually, I didn’t talk to anyone about it. Not even Tom. I just kept it a secret and thought that if people can read into it, great, and if people don’t notice it, that’s also fine because it’s not the main focus of the student plot. I still don’t know to this day if Aaron even knows about the whole E/R relationship, but it doesn’t matter, because I don’t think Enjolras should. [x]

Gifs of All the Times George Blagden Was “Subtle”

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Do You Permit it?
Artist: Enjolras and Grantaire
Album: Les Mis (sort-of-not-really)


After seeing this post, I got the idea to make one of these a reality! So I put together some of the motifs from the musical and changed the words to re-create the Orestes Fasting and Pylades Drunk scene (Enjolras and Grantaire’s death). I hope you enjoy!


I can’t hear the people sing
All of my dreams have turned to ash
Now all my dear friends have gone from me
And my fate will come at last-

SOLDIERS: (soldier 1 sings lines 1 and 4, solder 2 sings line 2, solder 3 sings line 3) 
I know this man!- He shot the artillery-guard.
He is insane!- The cause of all of this blood.
He is in charge!- So if we kill him, we’ll win.
Get ready, men, you fire on my command.

Yes, shoot me now, I do not care, I wait for death-

Stop! (all freeze except for Enjolras and Grantaire)
Hold your fire, I beg of you
For I am one of them
These brave, passionate men
And I will gladly die with him - if he shall will it so
Oh, the people will sing
For our deaths here will bring
A change that makes tomorrow come

Oh God, Grantaire, you fool, have you no fear?
They’re going to kill us - you should flee from here!

It will be fine, I’m unafraid.
I’m with you - I am saved.
So don’t you fret, m. Enjolras
You won’t feel any pain
The shots fall soft as rain
They will not hurt us now
(to the soldiers) I beg - finish us both with one!
(to Enjolras again) And I will die with you (E: And I will die with you…)
If you permit me to (E:(taking Grantaire’s hand)Yes, I permit you to…)
And I’ll see you again- (E: Grantaire, I-)

(The report sounds. Blackout.)

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Chris McCarrell + Joly costume selfies

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AU Les Mis in which Enjolras is actually in love with Grantaire but he don’t dares to say it and when Grantaire comes to die next to Enjolras,he just leans down to him and covers Grantaire’s lip with a kiss and a little smile appears on his face and then they were shot while kissing each other.

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Fuck You Tom Hooper: Scenes We Never Got to See

Nine months and I’m still not over cutting “Drink with me”

i will never be over any of the les amis cuts

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This is when you realize how many songs this movie has O.O

I think I don’t have an excuse, I just wanted to draw these ‘-‘