Until the earth is free!
Until the earth is free!
Only a 15 years old Fangirl who loves Les Mis and some hot and dead french revolutionaries. They just burst in my life like the music of angel,the light of the sun.

Anni// Les Mis// Broadway// Musicals//Everything I want to have on my blog :D

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At the Final Battle...

18 Anmerkungen idek why this is a thing - well - les mis - les miserables - enjolras - soldiers - barricade boys -


For my sis Zuzzolek.

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Do you know what I believe in? 
Look into my eyes and see.

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I feel like dating Marius would just be like “Marius stop crying” “It’s three in the morning why are you marathoning the Brady Bunch” “No Marius we cannot keep a pigeon as a pet” “Marius, for the last time Courfeyrac is not a reliable source of information”

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wandering child trio simplified

erik: monsieur 
 M O N S I E U R

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actual friendly reminder that bossuet’s horrible luck may be the reason why marius was able to marry cosette

friendly reminder that if bossuet hadn’t coincedentally been in the same class as marius marius wouldn’t have met courf and he wouldn’t have met the rest of the Amis and you see where this is going

friendly reminder that bossuet got himself kicked out of law school for a guy he’d never even met

friendly reminder that bossuet (◡‿◡✿)

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for each barricade that falls a hundred others will rise tomorrow

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